connecting european buddhists

your direct link to the european buddhist union

Traditionally, the EBU is the umbrella organization for European national sanghas and organizations. This allows the EBU to speak for all countries and traditions and gives political weight in Europe.

But this happens very far away from regular practitioners like YOU and isn’t much of your business, right?


That’s what the European Buddhist Network is about:
Become a direct supporting member of the EBU, for an even louder Buddhist Voice for Europe!
Get in touch with authentic Buddhist teaching from various traditions through our Insights!

We wish that all sentient beings are free from suffering and they may live in peace and harmony

For this to happen, the Buddha Dharma needs to spread.

Buddhism is not merely a belief, it is a way of life. As Buddhists, we don’t want to harm any living being, we don’t want to take what is not given to us, we use speech in a mindful and honest way.  We simply want to create loving and joyful connections and spread goodness.


We care.

The mission of the EBU is to extend these Buddhist principles in the European civil society, in politics and government institutions, as best as we can. This is not an easy task, and so we kindly ask you for your help by becoming a supporting member.

Whether you are a member of a Sangha or not, supporting the EBU means that you will back European Buddhism in all its facets and beauty, since we are both pan-national and trans-traditional. You will also become part of the European Buddhist Network, which is an alliance of spiritual friends able to produce enough leverage to put some weight behind our common goals. Together we can create a better world, no less.

Your membership fee of €1 per month (or more, if you are up for it) gives us the possibility to have a paid secretary to help us with the administrative work, which is quite substantial in a pan-European organization. We will also be able to have a small office space in Brussels, to be close to the European Commission and parliament, and continue our work with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. With your help, we will improve our membership magazine ( and in addition to the online format we will also make it print-on-demand. Lastly, we can reimburse the travel expenses of the brilliant people who represent us with the EU institutions.

So, there is really a lot of good things we will be able to put into action with your support. Naturally, we will put a detailed account of all donations and expenses online each year.

As Buddhists, we believe that benefitting others is actually benefitting us in return, so your membership comes with quite a bit of content that we supply you with: A regular newsletter of our activities, our magazine, courses in meditation and many more goodies from our fabulous membership organizations. Also, you are welcome to attend our EBU conference events, which we organize every 2 years, at a discount rate.


Thank you for your support!


With my best wishes in the Dharma,

Ron Eichhorn / Mio Sop (President)