Episode 09 – Karma & Protection – #Basic Truth Series

In this episode we connected with Munisha, Catherine Hopper who connected with us from Sweden. We spoke about “Karma” and talked about its meaning and misunderstandings. Since Munisha is a Safeguarding Officer professionally, we found examples and challenges in our conversation that also dealt with how Buddhism is practiced in the West.

The main contents of the episode

  • Actions have consequences. Everything we do, we say or think has an effect. Observe it in your experience!
  • Karma is one kind of conditionally in buddhism – not all are in our control. But whatever you come into this life with – you have a choice. You always have a choice.
  • We have to acknowledge what we feel but we do not have to act immediately.
  • Safeguarding policies are a practical application of the ethical precepts.

More about Munisha:

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Guest: Munisha

Guest: Munisha

Munisha also known as *Catherine Hopper*is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order and works as Triratna’s Safeguarding officer, advising centres in the UK and Europe on keeping adults and children safe from harm in Buddhist activities. She’s British and lives in Sweden, helping to run the Stockholm Buddhist Centre. She regularly attends EBU-Meeting on behalf of Triratna.

Host: Emilia Raunio

Host: Emilia Raunio

Emilia Amala Raunio is a Helsinki based yoga teacher and writer. She actively practises sŏn (Korean Zen) in Bodhidharma association which is the oldest Buddhist association in Finland. Emilia is also a council member of The European Buddhist Union and vice president of Finnish Buddhist Union. Emilia studies shiatsu therapy, enjoys cooking vegan food, gardening, arts, swimming and being in nature. www.bodhidharma.fi
Host: Martin Landschein

Host: Martin Landschein

Martin grew up in a buddhist family and studied philosophy in Germany and Austria. He works as a psychosocial-caregiver in Vienna, practices in the Shambhala-Buddhist community and loves Japanese tea.
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