Episode 08 – Vipassana  – #Practice

In this episode we connected with Henk Barendregt from the Netherlands. The last episode was about dukkha and how our human minds are restless and difficult to please. We followed up on this and had won a renowned Vipassana expert in Henk Barendregt. He led us through a mindfulness meditation and afterwards Emilia and Martin asked questions about its technique, philosophy and life.

The main contents of the episode

  • Practice exercise: 03:00min ->12:40min / Q&A ->24:42min
  • Vipassana aims to diminish suffering – to eradicate the reactions to the stress of everyday life
  • Being distracted is part of the exercise
  • Meditation tries to understand the structure of mind and body – seeing through our identity
  • In mathematics intuition is the most precious tool – we need it to sense new ideas

Vipassana-retreats with Henk Barendregt & more information : https://barendregt.wordpress.com/vipassana/

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Guest: Henk Barendregt

Guest: Henk Barendregt

Henk Barendregt studied from 1972 to 1979 Zen meditation with Kobun Chino Roshi (1938-2002) in California, and from 1977 to 2006 Vipasssana meditation with Phra Mettavihari (1942-2007) in the Netherlands. In 2006 he was qualified with 13 other senior students to teach vipassana in the style of Mahasi Sayadaw. He also studied Mathematical Logic in 1971 at Utrecht University, where he received his PhD cum laude in 1971. 

Host: Emilia Raunio

Host: Emilia Raunio

Emilia Amala Raunio is a Helsinki based yoga teacher and writer. She actively practises sŏn (Korean Zen) in Bodhidharma association which is the oldest Buddhist association in Finland. Emilia is also a council member of The European Buddhist Union and vice president of Finnish Buddhist Union. Emilia studies shiatsu therapy, enjoys cooking vegan food, gardening, arts, swimming and being in nature. www.bodhidharma.fi
Host: Martin Landschein

Host: Martin Landschein

Martin grew up in a buddhist family and studied philosophy in Germany and Austria. He works as a psychosocial-caregiver in Vienna, practices in the Shambhala-Buddhist community and loves Japanese tea.
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